Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Chrono mobile app

Is my personal information safe?
Protecting your privacy and personal data is a priority for us. The ticket purchasing feature in Chrono is provided by Stripe. Learn more about the Stripe Confidentiality Policy. Information relating to your Chrono account and your usage of the app is protected by the Chrono Confidentiality Policy.
Can I purchase a fare on the Chrono app?
In response to the exceptional situation related to COVID-19, the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) is offering a temporary solution to public transit users to facilitate fare purchases, validations and inspections on buses.   For a limited time, the ARTM is offering the for single trips, exclusively on buses and for the entire metropolitan region, for $3.50. It can be purchased, managed and validated in a contact-free manner via Chrono.* To find out more about this fare, visit the ARTM website. *Certain conditions may apply.
How can I find help regarding the ticket purchasing feature?
Our tutorial includes the essential information about the Bus fare - contactless. If you need any additional help, contact our support team:
How long is my ticket valid for?
Once your ticket is activated, it is valid for 120 minutes. You can check the remaining minutes in the Tickets tab at any time. When the validity period is over, “Expired” will appear on the ticket.
How do I activate my ticket? When should I activate it?
Once your purchase is completed, you can review your tickets in the Tickets tab. By selecting the ticket you want to activate, you will have “Confirm activation” option. Tickets must be activated as you board the bus. You will need an Internet connection to complete the activation.
Can I purchase several tickets?
Yes. You can purchase several tickets and activate them when needed.
Can I purchase my Bus fare - contactless in advance?
Yes, you can purchase these tickets in advance and activate them only when boarding the bus. (Remember that you will need an Internet connection to do so.)
Do I need to create an account before I can use the ticket purchasing feature?
Yes. To create a Chrono account and gain access to the ticket purchasing feature, you need to provide a valid e-mail address and credit card information.
How do I access the ticket purchase feature?
On the home screen, you can click on the ticket icon in the top right corner. Also, from the main menu of the app, you can select the Tickets tab. Both of these options bring you to the page for reviewing and purchasing tickets. If you already have a Chrono account and you are logged in, you can start purchasing your tickets right away. If you do not have an account, you must first create one, and then gain access to this feature. Learn more about creating an account.
How can I rent a BIXI with Chrono?
To enable BIXI rentals in Chrono, follow these instructions:
  1. Sync your BIXI account with Chrono or create a new BIXI account.
  2. Make sure your subscription allows you to rent a BIXI bike.
  3. Tap on any BIXI station to confirm how many bikes are currently available.
  4. Complete the rental. Your bike will be held for 5 minutes with a specific code to unlock it. You can repeat this step if needed.
  5. Enter the code given at the main terminal or use your BIXI key. You’re ready to go!
How can I see the number of bikes available at a BIXI station?
First, make sure the BIXI map is activated. To see the number of bikes and parking spaces available in real time, simply tap the BIXI station on the map. If you use a BIXI station regularly, don’t forget to add it to your favourites to access it directly on the Chrono home screen!
How can I plan a bike trip?
You can switch from public transit options to bike mode by selecting the “Bike” tab above the itinerary suggestions. Three itinerary options will be shown.
How can I plan an itinerary?
Simply enter the address of your destination in the search bar. You can also specify a departure address or change the order by tapping the ↑↓ icon. You can refine the itinerary results by choosing an arrival or departure time. You can also refine by mode of transport or by a specific line. Don’t forget to bookmark addresses you use regularly by tapping the bookmark icon next to the address!
How can I change the direction of a line when browsing schedules?
Select the favourite you want more information about. If you do not have a favourite set, use the search bar to select the desired line. Details for the line, including all stops, will appear, with a tab for each direction. If you have enabled geolocation, the closest stop will be highlighted in blue.
How can I report a problem with the app?
To report any technical issue concerning Chrono, please reach out to our support team at
How can I report a delay or a service disruption (bus, metro or train)?
Public transit agencies are responsible for service maintenance. If you wish to report an issue regarding services, such as schedules and disruptions, please contact the customer service team of the agency in question:
  • Exo
  • RTL
  • STL
  • STM
How can I access information about the REM mitigation measures?
The REM mitigation measure schedules are updated based on information released by the public transit agencies. Find out more about the mitigation measures on the Mobilité Montréal website.
What is Chrono?
Chrono is a mobile application dedicated to providing users with information and tools to plan their trips using the public transit services in the Greater Montréal area. The application, which is available for Android and iOS, offers features for:
  • Accessing metro, bus and commuter train schedules, even without WiFi or data access
  • Tracking buses and trains in real time
  • Quickly finding information about service disruptions
  • Finding the routes for a particular service
  • Determining an arrival time
  • Displaying the location of bus stops, metro stations and train stations around a particular location on the map
  • Finding the best itinerary, using the trip planner
  • Renting a BIXI bike and seeing the location and capacity of BIXI stations
Who developed Chrono?
The Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), owner of the Chrono mobile app, mandated exo to develop the app in June 2017. The app offers users an effective way to plan their trips on public transit services (buses, metros and trains) in the Greater Montréal area. Exo, the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), the Société de transport de Laval (STL) and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) share their data, in both static and real time, when available, and contribute to Chrono’s development as an app.
Will my personal data be private?
The ARTM takes the safety of your personal data and your privacy very seriously. We have created a secure environment that limits who can access your personal data and how it can be used. Learn more about personal data protection by reading our Privacy Policy.
Is Chrono accessible?
Currently, Chrono is partially accessible. Upgrades are underway to achieve a level of accessibility that meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Our goal is to offer all users equal access to Chrono.
How can I create a Chrono account?
You can create an account through the “Chrono” tab in the main menu. You will need to confirm the creation of your account using a link included in a confirmation email sent to the address you use to register.
What are the benefits of creating a Chrono account?
Creating a Chrono account will ensure that your favourites and alerts are saved even if the app is updated or you delete the app.
How can I delete my Chrono account?
To delete your account, please contact our support team at
Do I need an account to use the app?
No. You can access schedules, use the map, plan trips and set favourites and alerts without creating an account.
Do I need WiFi or data to use Chrono?
No. Once downloaded, Chrono gives you access to static schedules at all times. However, real-time positions of buses and trains are only available if you are connected to the internet. Other features also require WiFi or data, such as receiving alerts about service disruptions, planning a trip between two locations and updating schedules.
How can I access an alert that was dismissed?
All your alerts are visible in the newsfeed tab. Once the disruption is over, the message will disappear.
How many favourites, alerts and bookmarks can I create?
You can create as many favourites, alerts and bookmarks as you wish.
What is the difference between an alert and a favourite?
Stops you have labelled as favourites will show up on your home screen when you open the app, which makes it easier to see schedules and service status. You can enable alerts for a favourite in order to receive push notifications for any service disruption concerning this stop on the days of the week and hours you select.
Why is my bus or train not moving on the map?
Network connection may vary based on type of smart device, connection with vehicle devices and topography. If you are unable to connect to WiFi or use cellular data, icons may not show up on the map. Chrono refreshes the GPS position every 15 seconds for buses and every 5 seconds for trains.
Why can’t I see the real-time schedules?
Real-time schedules are currently available for commuter trains and buses. Network connection may vary based on type of smart device, connection with vehicle devices and topography. If you are unable to connect to WiFi or use cellular data, icons may not show up on the map.
How can I bookmark my favourite addresses?
When you search for an address, a bookmark icon will appear on the right. Tapping this icon will open a window where you can select a name and an icon for your new bookmark.
How can I access the newsfeed?
You can access the newsfeed at any time by tapping the bell icon on the upper right corner of your home screen. The newsfeed window displays all your alert messages, as well as a Twitter tab where you can see the feeds for the commuter train lines and the Montréal metro lines.
How can I set a voice shortcut with Siri?
Make sure Siri is activated on your iPhone. When you open Chrono and select a stop or a station, the Siri icon should appear in the upper right corner. Tapping this icon will open a window where you can create your personal shortcut.
How can I add a favourite?
When you select a stop, tap the star icon and the stop will be automatically added to your favourites on the home screen and on the Chrono widget. You can reorganize your favourites any way you like and add alerts to receive service disruption notifications.
How can I create an alert?
Once a stop is added as a favourite, you can set alerts for it using the bell icon. You can select the days of the week and the hours during which you want to receive notifications.
How can I activate dark mode?
You can switch your display to dark mode in your phone settings. Dark mode offers better visibility in low light conditions.
What is Chrono used for?
The Chrono app is a public transit trip planning app for the Greater Montréal area. Available for Android and iOS, the application can now be used to:  
  • Check bus, metro and commuter train schedules at any time, even when offline
  • Track the location of buses and trains in real time
  • Quickly find information about service disruptions
  • Display transit line routes
  • Establish a planned arrival time
  • Display the location of bus stops, metro stations and train stations near a particular point on the map
  • Find the best itinerary, using the trip planner
  • Reserve and unlock a BIXI bike-share bicycle with an OPUS subscription