The public transit application for the Greater Montréal area
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Plan your trips with ease

Chrono is a simple tool that that provides information on all public transit services in the Greater Montréal area, in real time.*

Add favourites and create personalized alerts

Chrono allows you to personalize your home page with schedules for your favourite stops and to create alerts based on your travel habits.

Track the arrival of your bus or train in real time

You can follow your bus or train on the map to determine exactly when you should head to your stop. STM bus and train schedules are in real time.

Define your voice shortcuts with Siri

Use Siri to save the pages for your line or stop for easy access.

Available on Apple Watch

Find your favourite stops directly on your Apple Watch.

Receive alerts on the network’s current status

Stay connected at all times to be informed of any service disruptions. Easily search for an alternate route.

The most comprehensive information on public transit

Developed in partnership with public transit operators, Chrono provides information on all networks, including mitigation measures for the REM construction work and road construction sites.

*When available
**When you authorize Chrono to access your GPS data.