Favourite new features in Chrono for 2021

13 December 2021

The newly enhanced Chrono mobile application gives you all the right tools for planning your rides on public transit. In 2021, we saw Chrono add some essential new features for commuters in the region, such as the ability to read OPUS cards and non-reloadable cards (the Solo or L’occasionnelle).

Check out these new features!

Reading OPUS cards and non-reloadable cards

This feature, which was added in November 2021 and is exclusive to Chrono, employs near-field communication (NFC) to check the status of tickets loaded on your OPUS card or non-reloadable card. Reading the card lets you view useful information about your transit fares, such as the number of remaining trips on a multi-trip fare, a fare’s start or end time, and more!

Launch this feature in Chrono, press the card against a phone and you’re in!

Crowding levels

This feature now gathers data from all operators and provides a handy estimate of ridership levels on trains and on buses in the exo, RTL, STL and STM networks. Real-time and past data can be used to display the actual or expected level of ridership on the various vehicles, based on their arrival time.

Check the ridership level directly on the homepage or by consulting the schedules!

Address bookmarks on the homepage

Are you an Android phone user? You can now manage bookmarks for your addresses directly on the Chrono homepage. Start a rapid search for your trip by clicking on the bookmark of a favourite address. This new feature has been available for Android users since spring 2021.


Have you tried these features? What new features would you like to see in Chrono?

Send your comments and suggestions to us at support_chrono@artm.quebec.


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