Promoting public transit and intermodal transportation through fare incentives

To reduce solo car use and improve traffic flow within its territory, the ARTM has implemented promotional fares for public transit users.

Free for children

Have fun!

Free at all times
for children

Children aged 11 and under can travel for free on public transit at all times across the metropolitan area while accompanied by a person aged 14 or older who is supervising them and holds a valid transit fare.

This person may not accompany more than five children.

To help you plan your family trips in public transit, use Chrono mobile app!

Student discount

As a student in the metropolitan Montréal area, you can take advantage of a 40% discount on your public transit fare if:

  • you are a full-time student
  • you are 18 years of age or older
  • you purchase an eligible transit fare, which includes most monthly passes.

Find out if the student discount applies to your fare by consulting the fare schedule.

To benefit from this discount, you must show proof of full-time school attendance and obtain an OPUS card with photo.

To make an appointment and obtain or renew your OPUS card with photo, visit your transit network’s website: 

Bike sharing

The ARTM encourages public transit users to include active modes of transportation in their travel while benefiting from advantages offered by our partners. Easy with OPUS and BIXI!

BIXI - OPUS one-way pass

Enjoy 10% off one-way BIXI trips all summer long.

Link your OPUS card to BIXI and get these great rates:

  • Unlocking fee: 45¢
  • 9¢/minute – regular bike
  • 23¢/minute – electric bicycle
  • No security deposit
  1. You must register your OPUS card by visiting the BIXI website. Then, click on “Register my OPUS card” and select “OPUS Access” in the drop-down menu.
  2. Unlock your bike at the pay station by presenting your OPUS card.
  3. Enter the unlocking code on the keypad of the bike dock of your choice.
  4. For more information, contact

BIXI - OPUS monthly membership

Exclusive offer for public transit subscribers - OPUS à l’année, OPUS & Cie, OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise*.

Take advantage of a 10% discount all summer and get a BIXI monthly membership at the low price of $17. Automatic renewal at 17 $ available once registered.

*Valid if your subscription is suspended.

  1. You must be a public transit subscriber.
  2. Get the registration link and your promotional code.**
  3. Register online for the BIXI monthly membership via the registration link, making sure to enter your promotional code.

**You will receive the registration link and your promotional code by email between June 25 and July 20.

In the event of a problem, please contact one of the following services:

Car sharing

For those times when a car is necessary, public transit users can sign up for the Communauto car-sharing service.


Enjoy privileges for the Open Plans and the Value Plans.

For more information about the DUO auto + bus promotional offer, visit Communauto’s website.

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