Park and ride:
rates and reserved parking

Many ARTM park-and-ride lots are free, but some of them have paid options. By offering a monthly subscription or pay-by-day rate, these parking lots make it easier for you to find a spot during peak traffic hours, or even guarantee one.

Maps of parking lots

Find the nearest park-and-ride lot with paid options on the following map.

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Rates and reserved parking

For a monthly subscription

Since the parking spaces available for subscription are limited, you may be added to a waiting list.

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Park-and-ride lots

Spaces available for subscription

Monthly rate





(indoor parking)









For daily access

Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Park-and-ride lots

Available spaces

Daily rate




(indoor parking)



** Parking at Mansfield terminus is only accessible during the weekend.

Frequently asked questions

Park-and-ride lots are generally located near a terminus, train station or metro station to provide easy access to public transit. You can sometimes also find bike racks, carpooling spots and charging stations there.

Park-and-ride lots encourage you to use active, sustainable transportation in combination with public transit.

Not all ARTM park-and-ride lots offer a monthly subscription yet.

The park-and-ride lot that you use might also be managed by another organization, such as your municipality or a transit company.

If guaranteed parking spaces are available, click on the link to the managing organization (Indigo or SPAQ) in the table above and complete the registration form.

For parking lots with a pay-by-day rate, spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. Pay for your parking spot at the pay station in the pay-by-day area.

Public transit users are allowed to leave their cars overnight at the Cartier and Sainte-Thérèse lots. Overnight parking is permitted in all outdoor spaces except drop-off areas and reserved parking zones (paid spot, reduced mobility or another type of reserved space) where a valid hangtag or permit is required.