As of July 1, 2022, there will be two fare types that will cover most paratransit trips: All Modes fares and Bus fares. Other fares will remain available. Refer to the fare schedule to see all fares available before or after July 1.

All Modes

All Modes fares allow you to travel on paratransit vehicles and by metro, train, bus and REM (once in service). You may choose between All Modes A, AB, ABC and ABCD fares.

Some All Modes fares are already available. As of July 1, all of the All Modes fares will be available.


As of July 1

Bus fares allow you to travel on paratransit vehicles and on some buses in the regular network. You may choose between the Bus fare and the Out-of-Territory Bus fare. 

Bus fares will be available as of July 1, 2022.

Select your fare

Based on your trip

Your fare must be valid in the zone you are departing from, the zones you will travel through and the zone you will arrive in. Not sure which zones you’ll be travelling through? Find out more about zones A, B, C and D.

Based on your mode of transportation

Choose the fare that gives you access to the paratransit and regular network services you use (metro, train, bus or REM once in service).

Fare Selector

Fares valid as of July 1, 2022

* The age 6-11 fare applies to children traveling alone. These children can travel for free on public transit. Conditions apply.

This tool presents transit fares for a trip between selected municipalities. Other transit fares may be suitable under certain conditions.

Please remember that this is not a trip planner.

Have fun!

Free at all times for children

Children aged 11 and under can travel anywhere for free at all times on paratransit or by bus, train and metro while under the supervision of a person aged 14 and up. 

This person must have a valid transit pass and may not accompany more than five children aged 6 to 11.*

Refer to the fare schedule to see all available fares

Frequently asked questions

Compare fares and choose the one that meets your travelling needs

This information will be valid as of July 1, 2022.

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1 trip (magnetic card or paper pass)

Cash on board

Your trip frequency

Approximately 30 times per month or more



You need it... make an unlimited number of hassle-free trips during the month.

... to travel in a flexible manner without having to carry change.

... to travel in a flexible manner when you have the required change.

Valid on paratransit




Valid on regular transit (depending on the fare: metro, bus, train or REM)



(other than All modes A)


Reduced fare for children aged 6 to 17 or seniors aged 65 and up




Reduced fare for students aged 18 and up




Unlimited number of trips




Subscription available




Possibility of purchasing in advance


As of the 20th day of the previous month



Fare expiry date (before activation)

The last day of the month for which it is valid


Not applicable

Points of sale

There are more than a hundred points of sale in Greater Montréal. Inquire about passes before travelling, as some passes are not available everywhere.  

Find a point of sale near you by visiting one of the websites below:

  • Agglomeration of Montréal – STM
  • Agglomeration of Longueuil – RTL
  • Laval – STL
  • Northern and southern suburbs and commuter train network – exo

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