Are you a family with children who travel by public transit? Find out more about these promotional fares. 

Children 11 and under

Planning a family outing? Children aged 11 and under can ride public transit for free at all times in the Greater Montréal area while under the supervision of a person aged 14 and up.  

This person must have a valid transit fare and may not accompany more than five children. 

To help you plan your family trips in public transit, use Chrono mobile app!

Youth aged 12 to 15

Youth aged 12 to 15 in the Greater Montréal area get 30% to 40% off their eligible transit fare, which includes most single tickets, multi-trip passes and monthly passes. 

To get this discount, you need a valid photo OPUS card. 

To get the reduced rate, you must have a photo OPUS card. See the steps to get the discount:   

In person 

  • Fill out the photo OPUS card application form – Access the form (PDF)  
  • Print and submit the form in person at a point of service. 
    • Tip: An appointment may be necessary. Ask your transportation agency for information on where to get your OPUS card.  
  • Pay the photo OPUS card issuance fee. 

If you are an REM user, make an appointment with the transportation agency of your choice. 


Obtain a photo OPUS card for your child directly from their school portal if this service is available. 

Teenager aged 16 to 17 and student aged 18 and over

Do your older children travel with you? Teenagers aged 16 to 17 and students aged 18 and over are eligible for the reduced fare if they attend school full-time and have a valid photo OPUS card. 

Tips and tricks for smooth family outings on public transit 

  1. Find the right fare for your journey with the fare selector.  
  2. Buy and add transit fares to an OPUS card with the Chrono app. 
  3. Plan your public transit or active transportation trips with the Chrono mobile app.